The Magnetic Love That Is Co-Creation


I was truly moved by this poem and wanted to share. Unfortunately there was no author listed or I’d give the creator of this beauty credit. 

Image: Rock Art by Bill Dan

“Do you see in this photo my friend, the fragility and the balance which lies 
Within yourself, within all others, within all creation?
For as the Earth rotates at great speed, as it flies forward on its beautiful
Neverending journey around our Sun,
There is an illusion of stillness in the world.

These stones stand because of the inner rhythmic dance
Of the MAGNETIC LOVE each stone feels for the other,
Through the intent of their guide,
Hidden within US ALL.

AWAKEN to that part of yourself, which is your own gift to the world.
SHINE YOUR OWN LIGHT BRIGHTLY making manifest through your own 
GIFT of co-creation that you choose to share with the world, 
Whatever form it may take.”

Get out there and create, friends!


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