Things To Remember

Thoughts For Today …

Be still. Surrender. Turn inward.
Find Grace.
Ponder life’s mysteries. Dwell in possibility.
Play. Dance. Laugh. Create. Make rock OMs and Inukshuks if you want to.
Be amazed. Lose yourself in wonder and magnificence.
Face the sun. Allow yourself to be moved.
Walk barefoot.
Feel the raw energy of the Earth.
Realize that power lives in you too, asking you to notice.
Gaze outward. See the beauty in everything.
See that it is in you.


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The Magnetic Love That Is Co-Creation


I was truly moved by this poem and wanted to share. Unfortunately there was no author listed or I’d give the creator of this beauty credit. 

Image: Rock Art by Bill Dan

“Do you see in this photo my friend, the fragility and the balance which lies 
Within yourself, within all others, within all creation?
For as the Earth rotates at great speed, as it flies forward on its beautiful
Neverending journey around our Sun,
There is an illusion of stillness in the world.

These stones stand because of the inner rhythmic dance
Of the MAGNETIC LOVE each stone feels for the other,
Through the intent of their guide,
Hidden within US ALL.

AWAKEN to that part of yourself, which is your own gift to the world.
SHINE YOUR OWN LIGHT BRIGHTLY making manifest through your own 
GIFT of co-creation that you choose to share with the world, 
Whatever form it may take.”

Get out there and create, friends!

Soulmates, Sacred Contracts, Past Lives .. and How They Are All Connected

soul mate 5

“And when two such people encounter each other, and their eyes meet, the past and the future become unimportant. There is only that moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by one hand only. It is the hand that evokes love, and creates a twin soul for every person in the world. Without such love, one’s dreams would have no meaning.”
~ Paulo Coelho

What Prompted This Article

I asked a question that led me down a very interesting and unexpected road a few days ago.

I asked a friend whether she believed her partner was her soulmate.  She gave me an interesting answer and inspired me to do a little research.  (I am an Aquarian!)

I began what I thought would be a few minutes spent on Google producing icky Hallmark-style definitions and “How to Find Your Soulmate” articles, but became happily enthralled in some very interesting articles referencing powerful works from Plato, Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce on the subject of our one, true soulmate.

The concept has far more depth, profound mystery and exquisite spiritual importance than I had realized.  

It led me down an intense, “rabbit hole” of a journey into spirituality, mysticism, karmic ramification and past lives.

A Soul Divided – One Possible Reference

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